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Tools for marketing

Since more than 20 years at the service of the customer

Eurotab has been established in 1992 and started manufacturing some items produced until then by Sigilpac Security SpA.

The choice to split the two activities was suggested by the will to make both companies stronger, leaving at Sigilpac Security the security related area (seals and safety bags) and allowing Eurotab to follow directly and more carefully, specific items for the LRO.

Particular importance is given to products dedicated to shoplifting prevention, self-adhesive hang tag, hang tag threads, re-openable strings and bands.

The company organisation, smart and  flexible, is the  secret of Eurotab, able to follow  and second the  market development and the constant growth of customers’ needs.
This has generated the core-business evolution from import to seals production. The solid relations on the Italian market facilitated the access to the foreign one, thanks to a policy always looking with growing interest to the phenomena occurring abroad

Our production
Advice, manufacturing and marketing.(Eurotab suggests, produces, and trades shoplifting prevention products, self-adhesive hang tags, hang-tags threads, re-openable strings and bands

Eurotab supports its partners with competence and promptness to retrieve items on the market, and it supports them in the production phase thanks to a professional experience matured in more than 30 years, that allows the company to fully evaluate the needs of the customer and find the correct solution